We keep YOU rolling with loaded miles.


Why work with us? Because Prominent Logistics offers:

  •  Advances
  •  QuickPay
  •  Tracking Technology
  •  Reliable and Hassle-Free Forms
  •  24-hour Operations Support
  •  Loads available for refrigerated trucks, dry vans, flatbeds, reefers, LTL, FTL
  •  Back Hauls
  •  Multiple lanes
  •  Integrity – we stand behind our word and stand behind our carriers

We keep YOU rolling with loaded miles.

YOU matter to Prominent Logistics, Inc. It is you who haul all the things that every person needs. From the computer hosting this site, to the many little parts that built this computer, we know you are the ones who got it here safely and on time.

We know you can do the job. We want to partner with you. The team at Prominent includes a sales force that has personal relationships with major shippers throughout North America. Companies rely on us to manage their freight deliveries.