Prominent Logistics, Inc.:

You’ll be moved by how we move

Prominent Logistics, Inc. is a rapid-growth freight brokerage company specializing in integrated international supply chain management solutions. We offer quick and simple quotes. Both shippers and carriers who have dealt with Prominent have experienced our integrity, honesty and flawless execution of logistic management. Our staff continues to be trained and informed of all things related to the shipping industry to ensure shipping knowledge way beyond standard. We are a proud member of TIA, are bonded and insured.  We are freight professionals in every sense of the word
We aim to provide individual attention to every shipment that we receive. As soon as we hear from you for the first time, we actively collaborate to understand your shipping requirements. Our services are completely customer oriented and not pre-defined.
We emphasise on personalized service with strategic shipping solutions. This enables optimization of your process through synchronization of delivery phases.
In a digital world where everything is, “now, now, now’`` it is still typically EXTREMELY difficult to reach a live person for help. Prominent Logistics is a rare example of a group of passionate individuals who are always available – especially important in the field of transportation.
Frank S
Shipping Manager
As a manufacturer, we are gauged not only on our product, but the process of getting it there, what I call it the “last mile” of our production process. Not arriving on time can be as detrimental in our time sensitive, project based business, as anything else in the production process.
B. Cambell
Shipping Manager
Y'all are great and the world of trucking should know, We all have our daily headaches and fires to deal with, so it’s nice to be able to rely on the Prominent team to take care of this crucial last step of our production process.Thanks!
God bless -Joseph Gough
Joseph Gough
Logistics Supervisor